In May 2004 I visited the doctor with a very annoying and persistent pain in my left shoulder.

In my opinion I thought the doctor then overreacted when he immediately sent me to the hospital to get checked out for a heart attack.

After 5 hours with all sorts of tests being done to me I was discharged with a nice healthy heart.

Fortunately the blood tests did reveal that I was Type 2 diabetic.
Which went  a long way to explaining why occasionally I tended to be less than tolerant of other people.

I say fortunately as, I had no symptoms of diabetes at the time and still do not, 
  I would therefore not be  receiving treated for my diabetes with all the attendant health problems that the failure to treat would incur.

After all the scares neither the doctor or hospital treated me for the shoulder pain and I had to endure it for another 3 weeks till it eased on its own.

Over the last eighteen months I have developed the philosophy that I should not let diabetes control my life but rather I should control the diabetes.
I am very fortunate in having a good health care team and I am able to keep my blood sugars to a "safe" level, my last  HbA1c being 6.1 and that was just a few weeks after a rather naughty Christmas, with my normal self blood tests being between 4.1 and 5.7.

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